This story happened 1400 years ago. Vitalis was a Christian, a converted Muslim from Gaza in Palestine. He lived as a hermit, but at the age of 60 he traveled to the city of Alexandria. After arriving in the city, he got the name and address of every prostitute in the city. Then he got himself hired every day as a worker. He did all the hard physical work that was needed, especially tiring for a man of his age. He took his wages every day  to eventually hire one of these self-employed women. However, instead of using these women as other men who hired them, he told them and taught them about the dignity and worth of women, and that none of them deserved to be used by others for money as an object of their lust. Many prostitutes in the city have left this profession and become good wives and mothers thanks to the example of compassionate care and respect. Vitalis was killed by a man who did not understand the reason for his visit to the brothel, after hitting him on the head. Vitalis managed to return to his cabin, where he died. When they found him dead, he held a piece of paper in his hand with a quote from 1 Corinthians 4: 5: Therefore, do not judge anything prematurely until the Lord comes. He illuminates what is hidden in the darkness and reveals the intentions of the hearts. ” Hundreds of former prostitutes gathered for his funeral to tell the nobility of his actions.