There are moments in life when you need to leave, so you can gain a new perspective on what is really going on in your heart and your life.

About hermitage

1Corinthians 1:2-3:  To all those in every place who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours.  Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

Place in heart: There is a place in our hearts, that we have reserved for God. Our decision to devote our time to Him, our decision to divert our attention away from the physical world and redirect it into the spiritual world, at least for a moment. It is not necessary to go to a specific place in order to do this. Every day we build the foundations of our spiritual life, as we respond to His call to follow Him . If you make your little step today, it will prepare you for your bigger step, which you can take tomorrow. Staying in a hermitage is a continuation of such a daily call of God in our lives, another step toward Him. There are times in life, when we need to leave, not only spiritually, but also physically, away from the environment where we are on a daily basis and where we solve all our problems and joys. There are times when we get into a whirlwind of various events and we need to cut ourselves away from this - we need to leave that environment at least for a short time, one or a few days.

The Hermitage of scented pines:
It is hidden in a pine grove by a sandy lake among other cottages on its own modest plot. Each hermitage is a modest and simple dwelling. The simpler, the better. We do not come to the hermitage to seek bodily pleasures, on the contrary, we come here for the sake of spiritual life, all attention moves away from caring for the fulfilment of bodily needs, and we shift our attention to care for the fulfilment of spiritual needs. God created the man perfect, gave him a flesh - a dwelling place for his spirit. The human body - the true temple of God has the ability to withstand winter, heat, fatigue and disease, it can regenerate itself, it can adapt itself to various conditions. God - its creator made it perfect. By forgetting his Creator and His Words, man often does not use this gift of God - the human body he has received, with full potential. For centuries, God has reminded man to seek him, to give God space in his life to allow God to act in his life. In the hermitage, the seeker puts away worries about his bodily needs and learns to put his trust in God. He believes that God will take care of him both physically and spiritually. By coming to the hermitage, you are doing the same as Jesus did when he sought the solitude of the wilderness and the mountains: Matthew 14:23 "When he disbanded the multitudes, he went up to the solitude to pray" 
Mark 1:35 . He went to a lonely place and prayed there. “
Just as Jesus sought His Heavenly Father in the solitude of the deserts and mountains, so did thousands of his followers over the last two thousand years. For centuries the hermitage is a reliable model of spiritual practice, that has been proven by thousands of God's seekers. Hermits have been present in our culture and in our region for centuries. The Hermitage of scented pines is a continuation of this good tradition, which still offers our nation a lot of inspiration. The Hermitage of scented pines is located in a pine grove near Bratislava. 
See how the hermitage works: 
Look at the words of the founder, Milan Ivan: 
The Hermitage of scented pines is managed by the civil association VYSTRETÁ RUKA. The VYSTRETÁ RUKA civil association builds hermitages and provides a refuge for souls seeking God in silence and solitude. We founded the fragrant pine hermitage in 2008 and since then it has served everyone who needs it, with love in their hearts, on their knees in fasting with prayers on their lips. 

Milan Ivan 
an average christian from Slovakia 

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