palace above cave

Would you like to go to a nice hermitage in the bosom of wildlife?

I don't even have wild nature here and I don't even have a hermitage here….

Build such a hermitage yourself !

in a piece of wild nature that will come from your own hands

It maybe the calling for each of us to return at least a tiny piece of something nice back to the nature.

The wild nature is declining, there are fewer and fewer beautiful untouched places.

Your balcony and Your garden

place where a CELL4YOU the authentic hermitage in wilderness can be created.

CELL4YOU is a set of 10 years of experience in

what is a hermitage and how to build it as quickly and easily as possible


CELL4YOU does not burden you financially
CELL4YOU is self-sufficient and serves
CELL4YOU is ecological and natural
CELL4YOU is highly functional
CELL4YOU is precisely calculated 


CELL4YOU is a space for being awake - it's not a dormitory for sleeping
CELL4YOU is a place where we move away from this world, it is not a place where we discover it
CELL4YOU is a space where we discover God, we do not discover the outside world here
CELL4YOU can multiply quickly

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